AMANI is PEACE. In Swahili, the largest African language, and inspired by the Arab influence of East Africa, AMANI means Peace. A word that describes the spirit of our house.

Hotel Casa Amani

After 20 years around the world working for humanitarian and development organizations, I have decided to return to my country, Colombia. I have brought with me not only the human experience but also a touch of culture, art and history from many of the countries I lived in and/or visited. CASA AMANI is the desire to bring together the results of all these encounters in life. AMANI offers a combination of taste, beauty, peace and harmony from some of these beautiful destinations in Africa, Asia, Europe, the Middle East and America. Casa Amani welcomes LGBTI clients.

Hotel Facilities

    • 5 Luxury Guest Rooms
    • Gourmet Breakfast
    • Mini-Bar
    • Indoor heated swimming pool
    • 24 hour front desk staff
    • Wi-Fi, Safe Box, AC, Cable TV
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